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Diagnosis And Treatment For Ataxia Disorder
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Diagnosis And Treatment For Ataxia Disorder

The ataxia is a disorder that affects speech, balance, and coordination. The ataxia medication helps to treat the ataxia. The people with ataxia have a lot of difficulties such as vision, walking, balance, swallowing, speaking, and others. It affects all parts of the body. Most of the things can cause ataxia such as head trauma, stroke, genetics, alcohol abuse, multiple sclerosis, and others.

Some of the symptoms are associated with ataxia. The symptom may vary based on the ataxia type. The initial stage of the ataxia symptoms includes dysarthria, poor limb coordination, shaking, cold feet and others. If you are having any symptoms then you can consult the doctor and take medication to recover it faster. The specialist analysis the medical report and individual health condition and provide the right treatment.


If anyone has the ataxia then the doctor will suggest a few tests diagnose the ataxia. Conducting the physical exam, genetic test, balance, checking memory, reflexes, vision, and others, the doctor provides the best treatment. Here are some of the laboratory tests such as:

Medical history – The doctor asks whether anyone has ataxia in your family. They need to know about the symptoms profession. They carry a simple balance, coordination, and other assessments. They ask you may drink alcohol or taking any medication. The test will include the urine test, blood test, and others.

Brain scan – It is used to analyze for the abnormalities in the brain. They use to check any other issues in the brain which may affect the brain like a brain tumor and others. Mostly two types of brain scans are used such as CT scan and MRI scan.


Treatment of ataxia

The ataxia treatment can vary based on the ataxia type the patient have. There is no special treatment for ataxia. In many cases, treating the original cause fixes the ataxia like suddenly stopping medicine which causes the ataxia. The doctor recommends the treatment to manage the symptoms like fatigue, pain, dizziness, and others.

The therapies, adaptive devices, and medication help to treat the ataxia. The doctor recommends the best ataxia medication to improve the immune system. There are a lot of the pills for muscles spasms, uncontrollable movement of eye and others. With the help of physical therapy, you can maintain the strength, and boost mobility. the orthopedic car helps to treat the spine curvature.


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