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Hope of ( SCD)Ataxia Treatment
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Hope of ( SCD)Ataxia Treatment

Taltirelin is a TRH which has came into the market as an approved treatment drug for ataxia in Japan already and more than 4, 500 Japanese patients have been cured so far. Nowadays, Japanese medicines are widely spread all over the world and people often buy the medicines back to their own countries when they go to Japan for travel mainly for the reliable efficacy and the affordable price which is at low level in the whole world as the variation of exchange rate and the domestic inflation. The editor believes that with the advancing development of research and technology, Japanese new medicines will help more and more patients to completely heal of ataxia and enjoy healthier lives.


Taltirelin has been approved to use in Japan for the treatment of ataxia.


For approximate 350 thousand patients with ataxia among the world, more than 72% of them have not received  normal treatment. Some patients use vitamin B, citicoline injection, oral lecithin or the folk and secret prescription for treatment, sometimes even no drugs are available. These informal treatments make the ataxia incurable and  the patients suffer from physical and mental fatigue. What’s worse is that not only the patients waste lots of money but also the optimal cure time is delayed.


In this case, we visited the doctors of We cure and they said, "With the continuous progress of society, people have a wider vision and a higher request for health and drugs. Many people begin to choose foreign drugs. Especially for patients with ataxia, Japanese new drug Taltirelin can effectively reduce the ‘penguin gait’ which is a main symptom of the ataxia.It is also a good news for patients with cerebellar atrophy and multiple neurodegenerative diseases .” The doctors also point out that many people think the prices of Japanese drugs are very high, well, actually not. The patients found that the cost of drugs  purchased via We Cure in Japan is usually lower than that of in Europe and America while the patients can acquire the doctors’ follow-up to disease for a longer period.



Taltirelin is  a thyrotropin releasing hormone(TRH)analog. TRH was originally isolated and extracted from the hypothalamus, except for the control of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), it is also widely existed  in the central nervous system as a neurotransmitter, including cerebellum, regulating the activity of nerve cells. Taltirelin is a synthetic TRH analog. Pharmacological studies have shown that taltirelin has a strong and persistent multiple effect on the central nervous system via the brain TRH receptor:


(1)Excitatory effect is stronger than TRH by 10-100 times 

(2) The duration is about 8 times longer than TRH. 

(3)The affinity with TRH receptor  is about 1/11 of TRH.


Therefore, Taltirelin is much more stable than TRH in vivo, and with an excellent therapeutic effect. The editor believes that with the constant development of ataxia drugs around the world, more patients will completely  see the end of  ataxia and have a healthy life.


(Data sources: Tanabiji Pharmaceutical & Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan)


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